Security has never been more important



The beautifully designed Scorpeon Car Key Signal Blockers and Card Blockers are made from the highest quality materials whilst also offering a sophisticated layer of anti-theft protection.

Triple Layer Nano-Technology

The advanced triple layer shielding nano-technology ensures that Scorpeon products are amongst the best security devices that money can buy.

Zipped Section

Use the zipped section to store your car keys. The zip is provided to ensure the signal is fully blocked, unlike our competitors who don't provide this feature at all!

Extra Pocket

An extra pouch is provided to allow you to store cards, mobile phones, house keys, whatever you want really!

Card Signal Blockers

Thieves can also hack your contactless credit/debit cards, you would never know until it's too late!

A single signal blocking card can prevent this. Simply place 1 Signal Blocking Card into your wallet / purse and you will be covered.

We include 2 Cards, even though you only need 1, so that you can give one to your partner/friends. That's value for money, right?

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