Our Story

About Us

Scorpeon was created by Chris and Susan after hearing of their friend John’s despair following the theft of their keyless entry car. Thieves used a relay attack to gain access to the vehicle. The car insurance company refused to pay out, instead blaming John for the theft and labelling him as careless. It was only after a lengthy court battle that the insurance company agreed that John was not responsible for the loss and settled.

Determined to ensure car owners were protected in the future, over a year’s worth of researching and testing took place before Scorpeon officially released their Car Key Signal Blocker and launched in May 2019.

Scorpeon Car Key Signal Blockers block your car key signal when your car key is placed inside the pouch. This effectively prevents potential keyless theft of your vehicle. Made from durable-high quality triple layer nano technology for flawless security.

Already a success, Scorpeon continues to create innovative security products to protect against modern day thieves.

Since launching in May 2019, we have already reduced our plastic usage by over 90%.